Published: 02nd February 2009
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For A Balanced Lifestyle

Self-development and self-mastery are two methods that actually go hand in hand that help us overcome procrastination and self-doubt. If we are able to accomplish these two methods, our success becomes the means by which we can become a greater and more fulfilled human being. When we achieve self-mastery, we are better able to control our thoughts, allowing us to grow dramatically. We will be able to make wiser choices in life, bringing out the best in ourselves. Persistence and keeping our eye on the goal we choose will help us develop our self-mastery.

Self-talk is what we are saying to ourselves, and what we are saying to ourselves influences our subconscious mind effecting our decisions and behavior. This is an inner voice that is capable of strong opinions about every aspect of our life. If we are having self-doubt, worries, fears, or confusion about our decision making process, our subconscious will fulfill our negative thoughts. It is like a tape recorder going over and over in our head supplying our subconscious mind with confirmations. We have to be so aware and vigilant of only inputting positive quality self-talk into the recorder of our subconscious mind!

Program your mind for success! Write down positive words and phrases that have a direct connection with you dream, desire or goal on a piece of paper. Sit in a quiet spot in your home every morning and repeat these words and phrases over and over until you have memorized to the point you can repeat them with your eyes closed from memory. Write down a couple of the most important phrases on a 3"x4" card and carry it around with you for the week, pulling out and reading these phrases periodically thru out the day. Pick a new set of phrases every week for a month and do the same repetitions with the new phrases every day. Sit in your quite place and think of the change in your confidence level of accomplishing that goal you had desired.

Be very selective when choosing your inner tapes to listen to because you will become to believe whatever you repeat to yourself, providing you repeat it enough. If you beat yourself up about a failed goal thinking you are a failure, guess what, repeated enough times on your inner tape, you will become a failure. We can't stop the inner tape recorder playing, but we can certainly choose the positive content we want recorded on the tape. So be on the lookout and vigilant about what you put on your inner tape recorder.

Don't be too hard on yourself. Become you best friend and encourage yourself with positive words and affirmations. Think of positive, empowering words and phrases you can put on your recorder now and feel how your subconscious mind loves to remind you of them thru out the day. The key is: REPITITION!

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